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May 30th, 2015

02:14 pm - 83 // Red Hood: The Lost Days
83 icons of Jason Todd in Red Hood: The Lost Days.

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February 16th, 2015

10:59 pm - 22 | Constantine icons

All icons HERE @ sininferno

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September 1st, 2014

06:05 pm
TV / Arrow
Comics / Zatanna, Poison Ivy, The Huntress, Katana, Stargirl

All icons HERE @ sininferno

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May 10th, 2014

02:25 am - 14 DC comic Icons
MCU: Iron Man 2, Captain America, Avengers
Marvel: Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel
DC: Starfire, Batwoman, Nightwing, Wonder Woman
+ 4 Wallpaper

here @ wicked_doe

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May 5th, 2014

06:45 pm - 149 | Multifandom icons
85 | TV (Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon a Time, Community, The Walking Dead, Almost Human, Teen Wolf, Masters of Sex, Sleepy Hollow, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, Brooklyn-99, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Orange is the New Black, The Borgias, Under the Dome)
22 | Movies (The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man 2, Thor, The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, Marie Antoinette)

All icons HERE @ sininferno
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March 6th, 2014

10:19 pm - 167 | Multifandom icons
99 | TV (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, Almost Human, Lost Girl, Arrow, Mad Men, Sleepy Hollow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Detective, The Walking Dead, The Borgias, Hannibal, House M.D., The Hour, Suits, Glee, Teen Wolf, Haven)
29 | Movies (The Hunger Games, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Marie Antoinette, Much Ado About Nothing, Captain America, Batman Returns, Batman & Robin, Moulin Rouge, Carrie, Alice in Wonderland, Oz the Great and Powerful, Mirror Mirror)
10 | Comic (Marvel: Gambit, Scarlet Witch, Mystique. DC: Supergirl, Batwoman, Poison Ivy, Ra's al Ghul, Flash)

All icons HERE @ sininferno
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December 21st, 2013

12:03 am - Promo

DC/Marvel Comics related icontest
comics_ic comics_ic comics_ic

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October 28th, 2013

09:34 pm - 99 the Penguin, the Riddler, and Two-Face icons.
Preview! Icons under cut. c:

The dog does not enjoy being dressed up as a hot dog.Collapse )

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June 29th, 2013

07:59 pm - 20x dc icons
fav_antihero fav_vil in_brazen_water
see them all here @ dead_bites

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May 28th, 2013

07:21 pm - Пикник DC vs. Marvel, Москва
Дорогие друзья!
Королевство Осеннего Ветра и Страна Чудес приглашают вас на Пикник DC vs. Marvel!

На нашем мероприятии мы будем рады видеть как любителей танцев и поклонников фильмов или комиксов о супергероях, так и просто тех, кто хочет поиграть в веселые игры и приятно провести время на природе. Каждого из вас мы просим заранее определиться, какая вселенная вам ближе – на нашем мероприятии обитатели миров Marvel и DC впервые будут соревноваться друг с другом за звание лучших супергероев!
Read more...Collapse )
Встреча в контакте - http://vk.com/picnick_dc_marvel

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